Thursday, March 31, 2011

pedicures and packing

Tomorrow is the day I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I am going to the Bahamas! So of course I had to prepare myself to relax for a week. Pedicures were first on my list. My mom and I indulged with a few friends at a local spa. The hardest part of the day was picking one color for my toes. I can never make up my mind. 
Later, while I let my toes dry, I packed for the anticipated warm weather. I love to pack! Picking out outfits for a week was so much fun! I cannot wait to wear all the bright colors, light weight fabrics and sandals. A tip I love to share when packing is to make outfits. First, I write out "must have" pieces to bring, then I make outfits from that. I don't just pack separate articles. I like to prepare myself for complete looks, and not worry too much on vacation. Once full outfits are put together (tops, bottoms, accessories) I lay them on my bed and go over the weeks plans. If I need to add layers, or possible changes I do so then.  And of course my puppy likes to help me. Here are some photos from the day...  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

future Inspiration

 (shirt: Calvin Klein / sweater: Calvin Klein / shorts: H&M / stockings: Gap / shoes: Target / jewelry: J.Crew, forever 21, vintage, Tiffany & Co.) 

So, I know it's barley spring, and Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011 is over, but I still want to share something with you all.
Here is the Band Of Outsiders show. I love everything about this brand, show and the way the pieces are put together. This will be my go-to guide for next fall's looks. I'm drawn to the simpleness, effortless, and chicness of this line. The layers and the colors have me wishing for fall already!
I know, I need to STOP myself before I get too excited.
Spring is just starting to show its colors and my dresses are calling my name. I'm going to enjoy what's in store for me for this spring and summer, but just for this moment, enjoy this video with me...

fashion show!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I heart stripes

Stripes are slowly taking over my closet. I'm not complaining, I love them! There's something about adding stripes to an outfit that makes a look so crisp. They can be fun, playful, sophisticated, or just that little touch you need to complete a look. One piece I am waiting to purchase for spring is a striped blazer. It's a must have!  
Today I decided to pair these strips with a loose, patched pair of Gap pants. I bought these pants for $10 on clearance! They are so comfortable, and I love them even more for their price. Adding feminine and "vintage grunge" inspired accessories brings this look down to a more casual level. My life is stuck in a casual state. One day I will be able to wear silk dresses and skirts all of the time. But for now,  this look matches my lifestyle. I hope you can get inspired...       

(t-shirt: J.Crew / pants: Gap / scarf: J.Crew / belt: Fossil / boots: Target / ring: Tiffany & Co. / earrings: Urban Outfitters / bracelet: J.Crew) 

thanks to.... Fabsugar!

Thank you FabSugar for including me in "Looks of the Week"

Take a look 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

a not so simple day with a simple outfit

(coat: BB Dakota / sweater: Target / shirt: Gap / pants: Forever 21 / boots: Aldo / scarf: World Market / glasses: Urban Outfitters / jewelry: J.Crew / watch: vintage) 

I'm sorry it's been a while since I have posted anything. I have had such a busy weekend. I have been working my tail off at school and with the many jobs I had for the weekend. Saturday I meant to post, but I had no time in between my shift at work (7:30am-2:00pm) a wonderful lunch with my best friend and babysitting. Things have just been so chaotic with school and work, I barely have had enough time  to pack for the BAHAMAS! That's right, next week I am so fortunate enough to take some time off and have a little vacation.  The count down has begun. I can't wait to share the beauty of the island with you all! 


So here is just a little outfit I put together. Nothing fancy, just simple neutrals layered together. Whenever I am feeling a little "draby" for the day, I like to add something unexpected to my outfit. Today it was these fake glasses I have. They just add something fun. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

borrowed, swapped and reinvented

Today I was able to incorporate some of my favorite trends. Faux fur and tailored shorts. I needed to layer a lot today because of the chilling temperatures still lingering here in Michigan.  So I piled on a cardi with my boyfriend's army green shirt. 
Again, I used the accessories for a bold statement. Today I used one of my older necklaces seen here as a bracelet. A good way to save money and stay on trend is to look for accessories that can serve in many ways. Like a scarf used as a belt, or earrings as shoe pins. There are many ways to cut corners in a budget for transitioning seasons. My tips are to barrow from boyfriends, husbands or roommates, try to wear pieces differently (today I pulled my shorts up higher instead of wearing them loose) and swap accessories for different purposes. 
Here's one way to do it...

(faux fur: Zara / shirt:Gap / cardi: Gap / tank: Target / shorts: H&M / shoes: Gap / glasses: vintage / belt: vintage / jewelry: J.Crew, vintage, Banana Republic, forever 21)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what I love.

Today is yet another dreary day in Michigan. These days make me want to put on a comfy ensemble, drink coffee and read a good book all day. Or, get inspired by other comfy yet chic looks from other bloggers and off duty models. 
Here are just a few of some beautifully layered, warm, yet chic looks I love...

 I love how she pulls off an oversized sweater with fitted pants and heals. 

 These layered looks above are done to perfection; different textures, yet same color tones, and not too bulky. Love!

Faux fur will be a trend I will continue as long as I can. I love the luxurious look, but you can also dress it down with distressed boyfriend jeans or bright colored pants. 

 The way she adds a pop of burnt orange to an all black look brings a spring trend to a wintery day. 

 One of my new rule breakers has been pairing navy with black like I did here. I love how the blacks in this look come from many different textures to add more interest. 

Yes, you guessed it. I LOVE maxi skirts and dresses right now. Unfortunately Michigan weather doesn't allow me to wear them solo. Adding an oversized sweater is practical and looks surprisingly sophisticated. 

And the cut-off short is my go to layer for causal, grunge looks. There are so many ways to wear them, fashiontoast does it well here. 

These looks all found: 

Monday, March 21, 2011

thanks to....

Chictopia for putting me on their homepage! It's an honor.

I would also like to thank Andrea from Blond Bedhead and Tieka from Selective Potential for inspiring me to join Chictopia.  

from winter to spring

Right now Michigan is in between seasons. Well technically we are in spring, but it does NOT feel like it yet. I have so many trends to look forward to for the spring and I'm too impatient to wait to wear them. So here is one favorite, the maxi dress. The light and flowy aspects of many maxi dresses draw me into an obsession. Even though I am only 5' 4" I still like to wear the maxi skirt and dress. I find the effortless style so enticing, easy and chic and I'm not going to let my height hold me back. Adding light, feminine accents to the maxi could balance out the proportions. 
Today however, I decided to put the maxi dress with a thick, cozy, oversized sweater. It was a grey, gloomy day full of homework and errands so I thought I would match my look with the weather. This cozy  look worked with the cooler weather and lounging schedule for the day. 

(dress: Target / sweater: Gap / scarf: World Market / belts: vintage / bag: Express / accessories: J.Crew, vintage / shoes: Target / socks: J.Crew)