Thursday, March 24, 2011

borrowed, swapped and reinvented

Today I was able to incorporate some of my favorite trends. Faux fur and tailored shorts. I needed to layer a lot today because of the chilling temperatures still lingering here in Michigan.  So I piled on a cardi with my boyfriend's army green shirt. 
Again, I used the accessories for a bold statement. Today I used one of my older necklaces seen here as a bracelet. A good way to save money and stay on trend is to look for accessories that can serve in many ways. Like a scarf used as a belt, or earrings as shoe pins. There are many ways to cut corners in a budget for transitioning seasons. My tips are to barrow from boyfriends, husbands or roommates, try to wear pieces differently (today I pulled my shorts up higher instead of wearing them loose) and swap accessories for different purposes. 
Here's one way to do it...

(faux fur: Zara / shirt:Gap / cardi: Gap / tank: Target / shorts: H&M / shoes: Gap / glasses: vintage / belt: vintage / jewelry: J.Crew, vintage, Banana Republic, forever 21)


  1. Awesome spring look! Love it so much!

  2. I love this look, especially the fur vest... So simple (just like your blog says!) but so dramatic at the same time :) Plus you have the messy high bun down to an absolute science, which I love. I am officially your newest follower :)

  3. will you please do my hair sometime! Love the bun/fur vest!

  4. Love the outfit, love the photos, love you!!

  5. great blog! love your style!

  6. HOTTT!!! favorite so far......