Monday, March 7, 2011

Memories from Chicago

Today I left Chicago. It was sad leaving but I brought home some great memories. So many vintage shops, cup cake stores, and great meals I will be reminiscing on for days.  Last night my friends and I made some delicious Indian food from Trader Joe's . I was so glad we were able to go there! Grand Rapids does not have a Trader Joe's so it's always a treat to visit. If you are someone who has one, cherish it.
I was also able to check out this amazing vintage shop called Post 27. They have a collection of vintage inspired furniture, hand made jewelry made with vintage pieces and exquisite clothing. I could have spent all day in there trying on hats and coats, sitting on all the wonderfully made furniture, starring in awe of the cute pillows and chatting with the wonderful employees. The owner of the store designed a beautiful line of furniture. A local jewelry designer has some of her pieces in the store made with re-purposed materials and pendants full of color and great textures. What I'm trying to say is this store is full of character and rich stories. I wanted to buy one of everything! This store truly inspired me.  I hope it can inspire you too.

This bed set-up was one of my favorites. I loved the contrast of the black and white with the different patterns. This inspired me for an outfit to use later on. 

Something as simple as a belt can make a pillow a statement piece on the couch. 

Are you drooling yet? Visit them at Post 27 and check out their beautiful blog here

I'm hoping to add inspirational stores like this one, to this blog on a weekly basis so keep posted. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my have a cute one here... love the pics of the vintage shop....I haven't been to Chicago in forever!!!

    hope you see you again soon...


  2. Thank you for visiting us and blogging about us too! Beautiful blog too!
    Come and visit us next time you are in Chicago!