Saturday, March 19, 2011

day date

Last night Ben and I went out on a sushi date. We had drinks and movies and chocolate. What more could a girl ask for? It was so nice being able to spend time with Ben. It's been a while since we have been able to have "us" time. We decided to continue our time together all day today! I love day dates!
This morning I got up early to go for a walk, and my lovely boyfriend wanted to join me. We had such a great talk and enjoyed the beautiful weather Michigan is finally getting. After that, we went out thrifting, ran errands, "book stored"and got coffee! It was so nice spending time with him! Doing things with just Ben is my favorite way to spend Saturdays. We get to goof off and laugh a lot! The simple pleasures of "Saturday nothings" trump many, many things. 

Here are some tips for a good day date: 
Wake up early, not too early
Meet up to make breakfast together 
Go to new places around town
Indulge in a dessert mid-afternoon
Be goofy together
Laugh a lot! 

(jacket: Old Navy / sweater: Gap / tank: Target / t-shirt: DIY (design by Ben Biondo) / pants: target / boots: Old Navy / glasses: Urban Outfitters / necklace: Chicos / bracelets: J.Crew / bag: Lamb)

What's your favorite Saturday activity?

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