Sunday, July 31, 2011

celebration dinner

I wore this look to my mom's birthday dinner at a resturant by the river. It's so nice to enjoy a family dinner on a beautiful summer night. I tried to keep this look simple and interesting by adding a pop of neon to the mostly neutral look. I love this skirt and cannot wait to bring it into fall and pair it with so many other pieces!
The braid in my hair was used to keep my bangs out of my face in this summer heat. These earrings I made with the sandels in mind so I tried pairing them together. The feathers looked like a leperd print to me so I tied the whole look together through the pair. Plus, they're a little goofy too.

(tank: Gap / skirt: J.Crew / earrings: DIY / shoes: Sam Edelman / bracelets: DIY, J.Crew, Geneva / wallet: Urban Outfitters)

Friday, July 29, 2011

little hat

Summer neutrals are always a great go-to for me. I wore this look to my internship this week. It was HOT and HUMID all day so flowy, light pieces were a must! I kept the clothes simple, but added bold accessories and my summer-must-have sandals.
As for my hair, I let it air dry. It's so nice to take a break from the blow dryer in the summer but my hair is really flat when that happens, hence the hat. Hats are a great and easy way to cover up a bad hair day and yet still look put together.

(shirt: J. Crew / skirt: J.Crew / belt: Old Navy / shoes: Sam Edelman/ hat: J.Crew (mens) / bracelets: DIY, J.Crew) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

day trip

This summer I have been fortunate enough to have some time off. I have been able to take day trips and finish some fun projects around the house. One this particular day Ben and I were able to take the train into Chicago for the day to do whatever we wanted. 
After many, many trips to Chicago we realized we haven't done many "touristy" things. So today was the day we would go to the "bean", visit the theater, walk down Michigan St. and enjoy a lunch break from all the shopping at the Cheesecake Factory.

(sweater: Ann Taylor / shorts: J.Crew / shirt: J.Crew / glasses: Forever 21 / bag: Lamb / shoes: Sam Edelman /  bracelets: DIY, J.Crew)
Layers are always important when traveling. I like to keep mine very light in the summer with a variety in colors and textures. 
I can't wait to show you all my goodies! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

simple tracks

I decided to go back to my simple roots today. Simple is always better for me. Less fuss, less effort, and less stuffy. Don't get me wrong, I love a layered piece as much as the next Bee and a crazy add on done so here, but simple seems to always work best for me. I'm going to start trying to simplify my wardrobe and looks a little more now. Baby steps. 
Where's one place in your life you could simplify?

(shirt: Thrifted / jeans: Thrifted / shoes: Charlotte Russe / glasses: Forever 21 / jewelry: J.Crew, Forever 21, DIY, AE, Tiffany & Co.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY simple bracelet

While at camp this week I took time to make a simple leather bracelet. I thought I'd show you how to make one yourself seeing as it was so easy and bracelets are so fun to layer with every look. 

Step 1: 
Measure and cut the leather strip to fit once or twice around your wrist. Make room for the clasp at the end. 

Step 2: 
Find a good pair of scissors for a clean cut. 

Step 3: 
Die the leather a color of choice (I went with tan).

Oh and I did one in red too. 

Step 4: 
Pick out your material of choice for the clasp at the end. You could also use some colorful string to tie the ends together. 

Step 5:
Nail a hole at the end of each side for the clasps. I needed some help. 

Step 6: 
Nail the clasps together on a hard surface on each end, make sure you have the right size and pair.

Step 7: 
Wrap it around your wrist and wear it around all of the time!

That's it! Easy peazy. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

summer camp

I wanted to let you all know I will be out for the week. I am going camping in the UP this week and not sure how much wifi access I will have. Stay in touch and I will be sure to update you all with what's going on up there. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

kelly green

Out of the many colors seen this season, kelly green is by far my favorite. I wore this dress for the first time at a wedding earlier this summer. This time around I belted it and added gladiators to dress it down. 
I needed something a little loose to wear the day I wore this dress. It was cake tasting day at my internship. I had a blast traveling around the city to different bakeries and was comfy along the way! 
Now I just have to work it all off! Oh my!

(dress: Zara / tank: Gap / shoes: Forever 21 / belt: vintage / jewelry: Forever 21, vintage)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mini vacation

The simplicity of enjoying the sun on a day off should never be taken for granted. I had the opportunity to take a day off in Saugatuck MI and enjoy a little vacation day with good friends, good ice cream and good drinks. 
What I wore: I used a maxi skirt as a dress/cover up for the day. It was an easy on and off and didn't show a wet swim suit like many other cover ups I have. Plus it's nice to play around with the many different ways to wear one piece.  

vintage bracelets and a yummy gin and tonic  

Ray Ban glasses / headband: Forever 21 

birthday cake ice cream! 

I hope you are all able to take a day off this summer for a mini vacation!