Wednesday, March 30, 2011

future Inspiration

 (shirt: Calvin Klein / sweater: Calvin Klein / shorts: H&M / stockings: Gap / shoes: Target / jewelry: J.Crew, forever 21, vintage, Tiffany & Co.) 

So, I know it's barley spring, and Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011 is over, but I still want to share something with you all.
Here is the Band Of Outsiders show. I love everything about this brand, show and the way the pieces are put together. This will be my go-to guide for next fall's looks. I'm drawn to the simpleness, effortless, and chicness of this line. The layers and the colors have me wishing for fall already!
I know, I need to STOP myself before I get too excited.
Spring is just starting to show its colors and my dresses are calling my name. I'm going to enjoy what's in store for me for this spring and summer, but just for this moment, enjoy this video with me...

fashion show!

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