Wednesday, March 16, 2011

black, white and a little bit of color

I have been on the hunt for a new apartment. It's been a very exciting adventure, especially looking with my best friend! We have had so much fun looking, but no luck yet. Every night I have been dreaming about the place we will one day be living in and today I thought I would share some on my dreams with you.
I am not an interior designer, that's why I need to look for images as inspirations and templates. I love starting with black and white, they would be my preferences to use as base colors. I would then add in some fun color with lamps, candles, automins or even a duvet cover. These looks use neutral colors, yet add a punch to the room with the vibrant accessories or wallpapers. I just love them! 

Images from decor8 , design sponge, sfgirlbybay 


  1. I just wanted to say I am obsessed with your blog! : ) I love it! Does your boyfriend take all of your pictures?

  2. Thank you. And yes, Ben takes all of my photos. You can check out more of his stuff at

  3. hello!

    i started following you after seeing you on fabsugar and just wanted to say that i love the bedpost in picture #4! i read a bunch of interior design blogs as well and i think you would love Anthology Magazine --

    hope you like it! (and your stuff is great)