Monday, March 28, 2011

I heart stripes

Stripes are slowly taking over my closet. I'm not complaining, I love them! There's something about adding stripes to an outfit that makes a look so crisp. They can be fun, playful, sophisticated, or just that little touch you need to complete a look. One piece I am waiting to purchase for spring is a striped blazer. It's a must have!  
Today I decided to pair these strips with a loose, patched pair of Gap pants. I bought these pants for $10 on clearance! They are so comfortable, and I love them even more for their price. Adding feminine and "vintage grunge" inspired accessories brings this look down to a more casual level. My life is stuck in a casual state. One day I will be able to wear silk dresses and skirts all of the time. But for now,  this look matches my lifestyle. I hope you can get inspired...       

(t-shirt: J.Crew / pants: Gap / scarf: J.Crew / belt: Fossil / boots: Target / ring: Tiffany & Co. / earrings: Urban Outfitters / bracelet: J.Crew) 


  1. I love those pants. For $10? I love sales like that. What a deal.

  2. stripes ARE THE BEST, duh!! so great, steph :)


  3. beyond in love with this post. the pants. the strips. it's all amazing. great look love. I'm super glad I found your blog. I'm totally following, I hope you'll follow as well. Please check out my blog for all things celebrity fashion from an LA stylist. xoxo

  4. Stripes took over my closet years ago, and I've never looked back. I love that you can pair them with anything- especially florals- and they only look lovelier by comparison. Your scarf is gorgeous, and those pants were such a steal! Fabulous look :)

  5. very laid back outfit! i think i just bought the same scarf, but diff color! (: