Monday, March 21, 2011

from winter to spring

Right now Michigan is in between seasons. Well technically we are in spring, but it does NOT feel like it yet. I have so many trends to look forward to for the spring and I'm too impatient to wait to wear them. So here is one favorite, the maxi dress. The light and flowy aspects of many maxi dresses draw me into an obsession. Even though I am only 5' 4" I still like to wear the maxi skirt and dress. I find the effortless style so enticing, easy and chic and I'm not going to let my height hold me back. Adding light, feminine accents to the maxi could balance out the proportions. 
Today however, I decided to put the maxi dress with a thick, cozy, oversized sweater. It was a grey, gloomy day full of homework and errands so I thought I would match my look with the weather. This cozy  look worked with the cooler weather and lounging schedule for the day. 

(dress: Target / sweater: Gap / scarf: World Market / belts: vintage / bag: Express / accessories: J.Crew, vintage / shoes: Target / socks: J.Crew) 


  1. I absolutely love your blog, you are gorgeous, and your style is exquisite. Keep it up (=

  2. so cute, Steph!! ah, i cant wait to live with you and soak up some of that style!! :)

    xoxo, corinne

  3. love your style, so glad i found your blog! def following now.

  4. I really like this combination!
    The white is somehow timeless and fits well with the little details :) Keep it up

  5. lovely post! love your jeweellery and sense of style :)
    oo check out my blog give-away :)