Thursday, January 12, 2012

for the boys

While I was in San Francisco a friend of mine took me into the most amazing men's store I have ever seen, it's called Taylor Stitch. This company is an "independent shirt maker based out of San Francisco" and clearly focuses on their quality brand. The store contains "ready-to-wear" shirts made in California and offers custom tailored shirts made in New Jersey. 

Every detail in the clothes, from the thread, to the interlinings are carefully thought through and produced by a diverse list of producers around the world. 

Not only does this company value quality but they promise a classic and timeless look that is effortlessly refined. The simply chic garments are irresistible on just about any gent.   

Take a look into their brand and store located on 383 Velencia Street San Francisco. 

For more check them out here
Keep in mind their clothing would make great gifts. 

images via Taylor Stitch

Thursday, January 5, 2012

while I'm away

I'm visiting San Francisco this week so I'll soon have some shots for you all of my inspirational time here. In the mean time I want to show you one of my favorite closet visits yet! 

This is Helen Johannesen - the director of operations / beverage director at two restaurants  Animal and Son of a Gun in LA. I love her relaxed and colorful style in her closet and home. But most importantly we share a favorite style icon; Diane Keaton.