Tuesday, May 31, 2011

simple dinner date

Last night I was able to go out to dinner with some great friends. There's nothing better than sharing good time with good people. I kept this outfit effortless and simple. A long black maxi is my go-to piece for the summer. It is easy, and yet looks put together. There are so many different ways to dress up the dress. This time I wore it with some tribal inspired piece. 

(dress: thrifted / jewelry: World Market, J. Crew, Family Christian Stores / shoes: Target) 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

simply patterned

When the sun does come out I feel the need to dress girly and "airy" as possible. Yesterday, I had the chance to enjoy a bit of Michigan sunshine. So of course I pulled out a light skirt and an over sized flowy patterned top. It was a bit chilly so I added a more masculine jacket. I have been intrigued with mixing feminine and masculine pieces together this spring. It's something sweet, brought down by an unexpected toughness. I'm sure I'll have some more examples as the season progresses.

(skirt: Gap / top: Nordstrom Rack / jacket: Old Navy / shoes: Italy / belt: Target / jewelry: vintage, J.Crew, DIY, Family Christian Stores) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

down came the rain

Tis the season of cold rain. It feels like the skies have not stopped raining for an entire month. That gives me an excuse to be creative with some classic rain gear.  My go-to must-haves for this season have been consisting of a basic trench, rain boots or riding boots, and a bright umbrella. I try to throw in a bright color, whether thats in a sweater, accessory, or lip color to keep the dreariness from getting to me. 
This is one basic look I have been sporting this month. 

(trench: Gap / boots: Aldo / umbrella: Gap / jeans: Forever 21 / sweater: AE / t-shirt: thrifted / jewelry: Forever 21, Banana Republic, vintage) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

behind the camera

This is my opportunity to formally introduce you to Ben, my boyfriend and photographer. I am so lucky to have a photographer built into my boyfriend. He is so talented and a joy to be around. We are going on four and a half years together, and each day is better than the other. We are able to grow from each other and make each other laugh. Though there have been some difficult times, the better outweigh the worse. 
Ben has gone through many "style" phases in the time we have been dating. In high school he went through a "hipster" style, then he became a bit of a hippie. It's shocking to look back that far at that phase of his life. So silly. 
Today, Ben is into more of a "J.Crew look." He used to work there, so that could have been a small influence on him. In any case, I look up to him when it comes to classic style. He has a simple wardrobe, with class and quality today. One of his mantras is "quality over quantity," and that's what I'm striving to get to. 
Here are just a couple photos of him and his favorite things; oxfords, Ray Bans, i phone, and chilly weather with a sprinkle of sunshine.  

Isn't he cute?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Dresscue Me" inspiration

My new favorite TV series "Dresscue Me" has inspired me to try vintage and thrifting. This show is AMAZING! It's about the life of Shereen Vintage, a store in L.A. (with a New York location as well) dressing women in affordable vintage pieces. The women in the store are so dedicated to each and every individual to find fabulous vintage pieces for every woman no matter the occasion. Shereen is able to give life to vintage style by adding her tailoring and turning lifeless piece to chic looks for any body. It's inspiring, and I can't wait to visit someday soon. 
This outfit was inspired by the idea of the show. I found this dress in an antique shop in Grand Rapids and made a few alterations myself. This dress used to have puffy sleaves and I took them off to create a more simple look. To keep the minimalism, I decided not to accessorize too much. This dress speaks for itself and I think it would get a little upset if I tried to take attention away from it. (That's right, I treat my clothes as if they have feelings)

(dress: vintage / bag: Lamb / shoes: DSW / jewelry: vintage)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was my little brother's graduation party. I had the opportunity to plan and execute the party with my mom, aunt and cousin. We had a blast brainstorming, and creating fun and simple ideas for a classy open house for my brother and cousin. 
When trying to stay in a budget DIY projects are key. We tried to keep everything homemade or close to it.     The theme was "classy old school." We spray painted old stacks of book with chalk paint, and used simple garden flowers in old Mason jars for a pop of interest. Each table was filled with chalk pieces for guest to write notes to the graduates. The food was catered in by my uncle's restaurant in town and the dessert was a simple churro. 
It was so nice to see old friends and family in a calm and fun environment. I spent most of my time making sure things were still warm and drinks were replenished, but the time I was able to spend talking to friends and family was such a blessing.
Here are just a few pictures from the event set-up and final product. 

Congratulations Evan on such a big success and exciting future ahead of you. I'm so glad I could help celebrate your big day with you. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

new inspiration

One of my new favorite blogs to read is Dead Fleurette. The "simpleness" and minimalist of it all has been drawing me in and making me reconsider my closet. The common idea of the blog emphasizes quality over quantity. It's the idea of not having too much, but working with staples and mixing in pieces you love. 
Right now my closet is about to burst. I barely have enough room to keep all my clothes in one spot. This blog has inspired me to clean out what I don't wear or like and only keep what I love. I smell a spring closet cleaning. Does anyone want to come and help? Or better yet, I might just have to sell everything and copy her wardrobe.