Wednesday, May 18, 2011

spring whites

As most of you know, brights are a huge trend for this spring and summer. I am one who loves the trend yet is scared of it at the same time. I am using white as my way of easing into what could be a fun trend. When using white against a dull color like grey, it pops like a bright. Here is my simple take on using white as a spring bright. 

(skirt: Nordstrom's Rack / sweater: J.Crew / tank: Forever 21 / jewelry: J.Crew, vintage, World Market, Tiffany & Co. / shoes: Target) 


  1. found your blog through chictopia and I really like it :). I haven't heard of that show that inspired your vintage look but it sounds right up my ally.... must search for it! Keep it up doll!


  2. Love the comfy, relaxed look, especially the skirt.