Monday, May 23, 2011

behind the camera

This is my opportunity to formally introduce you to Ben, my boyfriend and photographer. I am so lucky to have a photographer built into my boyfriend. He is so talented and a joy to be around. We are going on four and a half years together, and each day is better than the other. We are able to grow from each other and make each other laugh. Though there have been some difficult times, the better outweigh the worse. 
Ben has gone through many "style" phases in the time we have been dating. In high school he went through a "hipster" style, then he became a bit of a hippie. It's shocking to look back that far at that phase of his life. So silly. 
Today, Ben is into more of a "J.Crew look." He used to work there, so that could have been a small influence on him. In any case, I look up to him when it comes to classic style. He has a simple wardrobe, with class and quality today. One of his mantras is "quality over quantity," and that's what I'm striving to get to. 
Here are just a couple photos of him and his favorite things; oxfords, Ray Bans, i phone, and chilly weather with a sprinkle of sunshine.  

Isn't he cute?