Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was my little brother's graduation party. I had the opportunity to plan and execute the party with my mom, aunt and cousin. We had a blast brainstorming, and creating fun and simple ideas for a classy open house for my brother and cousin. 
When trying to stay in a budget DIY projects are key. We tried to keep everything homemade or close to it.     The theme was "classy old school." We spray painted old stacks of book with chalk paint, and used simple garden flowers in old Mason jars for a pop of interest. Each table was filled with chalk pieces for guest to write notes to the graduates. The food was catered in by my uncle's restaurant in town and the dessert was a simple churro. 
It was so nice to see old friends and family in a calm and fun environment. I spent most of my time making sure things were still warm and drinks were replenished, but the time I was able to spend talking to friends and family was such a blessing.
Here are just a few pictures from the event set-up and final product. 

Congratulations Evan on such a big success and exciting future ahead of you. I'm so glad I could help celebrate your big day with you. 


  1. Glad to see my old books used as decoration instead of gathering dust on a shelf :)

    Awesome party and theme.

  2. I would have liked to see those books in the hands of kids who need them to learn how to read.

  3. Thank you for your comment of concern. But many of the books were at college level reading with out dated material.