Saturday, April 2, 2011

we made it

So... I made it to the Bahamas! The best place on earth, well at least from what I have seen so far.
It was a long travel day. I got up at 2:45 am to get to the airport by 3:30 am. Our flight left from Detroit and we flew to Washington D.C. On our way into D.C. we flew right past the monuments! It was a wonderful view of our country's capital.
From Washington we had a connecting flight to Nassau where we sat in the airport for 4 hours to catch the next flight to Marsh Harbor. We then took a ferry to the island where we are staying for the week.
It was quite a journey, but it is so worth it. I can't wait to share more of this wonderful place with you.
The colors here are so inspiring. They make me want to dress the part and become fully engrossed in the "bahamian" lifestyle.
Here is my travel outfit for the day. I kept it comfy, pulled together and piled on the layers for the change of temperatures I experienced. These photos were taken during our layover in Nassua. It was starting to warm up so I took off my scarf and started to soak up the first few rays of sun. There's also a sneak peek at my travel buddy. You'll get to officially meet him tomorrow.

(hat: J.Crew / necklack: J.Crew / earrings: DIY / tshirt: Forever 21 / maxi dress: Forever 21 / sandals: Target)

(sunglasses: Rayban / shirt: H&M)


  1. Love the hat! So glad you arrived safely.

  2. I think you mean Bahamian rather than Bohemian. Bohemia is part of the Czech Republic.