Friday, April 29, 2011

thrifty finds #1 and #2

I found these tops yesterday. I always end up going back to black and white. There is nothing more classic American than black and white with jeans. This is what it looks like when I put my spin on the look. I added an old pair of flairs to the tops for some shape. I am loving the large flairs and ode to the 70's these days. I might have to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe to fully take hold of this trend...

(tops: thrifted / bag: thrifted / jeans: Forever 21 / earrings: DIY / jewelry: J.Crew, vintage / wedges: Target )


  1. Those tops are amazing! I couldn't believe they were thrifted. What shops did you stop at to do your thrifting? Just curious! I plan to visit some consignment shops over the summer. :) Thanks!

  2. love your blog! where are some good places you like to go thrifting in GR?