Sunday, April 10, 2011

friends and pizza

This weekend was a great weekend to catch up with friends and enjoy pizza and drinks. Saturday night I ventured out to Brick Road Pizza, a local pizzeria, for some good music and good food. There's nothing like a good slice of garden pizza and local music by Ordinary Neighbor. Enjoying the rest of the night with some of my friends at some local breweries was just what the doctor ordered. It's important for me to get right back in the swing of thing as soon as I get home from vacation. That way I can avoid as much depression from the gloomy sky covering Michigan for the next few weeks. 
For the weekend I just threw on a simple ensemble for the adventures and catch ups.  These pictures were fun to take in the middle of the road. Cars were flying by so I ran back and forth to get a quick snap. These were the only two that semi-worked out, but they inspired me to be more adventurous in the locations of the photos. Keep posted to see what I do next, it might be something crazy...

(pants: J.Crew / t-shirt: Gap / tank: J.Crew / shoes: Gap / Jewelry: J.Crew, forever 21, World Market)

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