Tuesday, September 27, 2011

how to simply thrift

One of the ways I stay in a simple budget is by thrifting. If you haven't noticed yet I own a lot of thrifted and vintage items. Most of the time I find great things under $6.00! When paying such a small price for some great items I am able to take some risks with on trend pieces. 
Though this can be tricky and overwhelming at times, I came up with some of my top tips for your thrifting adventure.

1. Allow yourself time to look through a lot of clothes: The majority of thrift stores like a local GoodWill or Salvation Army have more rough than diamonds. So give yourself some time and patience to find the gems. 
2. Look for quality fabrics: Cotton is a great resource for any wardrobe, but sometimes it wears down easily. Look for pieces that were made and taken care of with love. Silks, and other rich fabrics are hiding away waiting to be found by YOU!
3. Try on. Try on. And try on again: It's important to try on the many shapes and cuts you will find in the store. Be daring and try on a lot of shapes you wouldn't otherwise. I promise, it won't hurt. 
4. Brainstorm new outfits: While I'm trying things on in the fitting rooms I try to think of my closet at home and what I have to pair with the find. If I can't think of more than three items to pair it with I won't get it (There have been few exceptions to the rule if it is a FABULOUS find). 
5. Have FUN: This shouldn't be a stressful experience. Have fun, bring a friend, make an afternoon out of it. Try on pieces that are goofy, maybe you'll love them.

p.s. Don't forget the hand sanitizer to be extra safe after the shopping.

image via: The Glitter Guide 

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  1. where, other than salvation army and goodwill, do you go thrifting?