Sunday, October 16, 2011

closet contentment

One of the hardest parts about blogging is the constant feeling of a need to buy more things. It's easy to come across a beautiful jacket, pair of shoes, or accessories and "have to have it". The challenge for me is to realize that I do not "need" anything more. I have a full closet, so why not just shop there? 
For the past few days I have been pulling inspirational "lusts" and going back to my closet to see what I have that resembles those pieces. Shopping your own closet when it's organized and clean is more fun and helps you realize that there is no "need" for anything else. 
Here are a couple of images I liked and found to resemble a few pieces I already have. Creative juices are flowing. 

images via Carolines Mode 


  1. The essence of Simplicity.

  2. I know what you blogging can become such an expensive hobby! xooxoxo