Monday, August 15, 2011

sweet nothings

I painted my bathroom this week a color named "sweet nothings." Brushing on the blush pink paint in my bathroom made me start to think this week about the sweet nothings in life. As cheesy as that sounds I was really forced to look at raw things in life that make me happy; one being my love pictured below...

and mixing colors like navy silk and black together. 
(top: thrifted / pants: J.Crew / shoes: Target / jewelry: vintage, Tiffany & Co., Banana Republic / bag: gifted from Italy) 
Along with the obvious (health, education, friends, family) fresh dark chocolate, new socks, wonderfully scented candles, a crisp cool summer morning and girls nights are some of the first sweet nothings that came to mind.

What do you think of as sweet nothings in your life?