Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sky diving!

In the beginning of the week my brother and dad went SKY DIVING! Can you believe it? They literally jumped out of a plane!
I was there to watch and bit my finger nails for their safety. Luckily Ben was there to calm me down and distract me. We went out and took some pictures on this beautiful road. Because this was an all day event, I decided to layer for the chance of a change in weather. A t-shirt over a maxi has been one of my favorite unexpected layering tricks this summer. And one can never go wrong with a basic, simple white t-shirt.

(dress: Target / t-shirt: Forever 21 / belt: Fossil / shoes: Forever 21 / jewelry: DIY, J.Crew)
Don't worry, they made it down alive!


  1. Love the look!!

  2. Love that belt! I've never noticed a Fossil belt that I liked before. Very nice.