Thursday, June 14, 2012

eye candy

Cafes, wine pairings and flowers. The past week could be summed up with those simple things. My senses were on constant alert with the beauty of the city this week.

I explored my way through some great cafes in the area (some of which serve some tasty alcohol concoctions). I savored my mornings and afternoons with a variety of espresso blends, people watching and an occasional glance down at some books. 

Some new friends hosted a chocolate and wine paring party earlier this week. Yes, that's right, CHOCOLATE AND WINE together! It was delicious. After that I was inspired to search the city for some more food paring combos. I came across some delicious pastries, desserts and of course, some tasty wine.

The endless amounts of flower stands in the city seem to be that "pop of color" needed for the summer. I was temped to stop at every one just to smell and pick up a bundle to carry around with me for the day. This weekend's farmers markets were full of beautiful hydrangeas, lavender bundles and buckets of colorful perennials. 


  1. beautiful flowers, my next trip San Francisco!

  2. You are capturing the San Francisco that not everyone sees and appreciates.

  3. nice post.