Wednesday, May 30, 2012

single girl in a new city

An all too familiar concept, but I’m throwing myself into this cliché. Where might I be going? Let me give you a few hints: west coast city, vertical winding streets, amazing food trucks and restaurants, and home of the Golden Gate Bridge and Uncle Jesse. Yup, you guessed it! San Francisco here I come.
I’m so excited to transition to this new chapter (or book, if you will) in my life and I thought it could be an entertaining story for me to share with you all. I'm humbled to be able to have this opportunity and I pray that God will challenge me in this new experience. 

Here's the low down: 
I've been living in a small city my whole life. Grand Rapids, Michigan- a typical Midwest city, family friendly and cozy town. It's now time for me to leave this place for some time and explore a whole new culture, location and community. I'm going from a small town to a BIG one. "Why San Francisco?" you may ask. Why not?!
I'll be living in this wonderful place for the summer to explore and immerse myself into the city.
What I wanted to share with you are my experiences, celebrations and trials. I'm going to be real.  Looking for a job, exploring a new city, meeting new people and all the new and exciting things that come with living in a new city will be documented here. 
I'll still try to keep a "simpleness" focus on the whole experience- striving to enjoy the simple things around me while I survive in the city with a simple budget and show you all how to find simple but lovely pleasures in any city. 

So here it goes! I'm here. Enjoying the little things.  I'll keep you posted...

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  1. Good luck and enjoys!

  2. So excited for your adventure and to be a part of it here :)

  3. Thanks Aimee! I'm so excited too! See you soon.

  4. Can't wait for the updates. I know they will be awesome!

  5. Awesome!!!

    Miss your blog posts!!!