Thursday, January 5, 2012

while I'm away

I'm visiting San Francisco this week so I'll soon have some shots for you all of my inspirational time here. In the mean time I want to show you one of my favorite closet visits yet! 

This is Helen Johannesen - the director of operations / beverage director at two restaurants  Animal and Son of a Gun in LA. I love her relaxed and colorful style in her closet and home. But most importantly we share a favorite style icon; Diane Keaton. 


  1. such gorgeous photos! :) I love the one of you with your pup in the sun....and that bag! :)

  2. Love this site, it´s in my favorites too.

  3. Whether Seamus & shoes, or sommelier du soleil, all textures and colors and use of light thereupon are beautifully integrated en tableau, so that the passing action shots (sipping tea) stand exquisitely by themselves. Ensuite???? DTJ