Monday, June 6, 2011

an old denim jacket

This is the season of open houses. There are a lot of meet and greets and running to different places. Keeping outfits simple and bringing layers is key for me. This summer has been really hot and really cold so jackets and summer dresses are a MUST. This is just one outfit I put together from pieces I have had over the years and thrifted finds. Denim jackets are a staple to me, and I've had this one for years and I hope to have it for more. It's a great grab 'n go piece that layers well over almost everything. If you don't have one in your closet, I'd advise you to go out now! 

(jacket: Old Navy / dress: New York and Co. / shoes: Target / frames: Forever 21 / jewelry: AKA, vintage, J.Crew / clutch: vintage)  


  1. Girl you are super cute! I love the way you take your pics!!! :)

  2. thank you! I give all the credit of the pictures to the boyfriend.